WINNER - Best Musical (NODA North West)
11th - 16th November 2002
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Marjorie Hough
Annie Fiona Larkin
Oliver Warbucks Mike Taylor
Miss Hannigan Joyce Walters
Grace Farrell Lindsay Farnworth
Rooster Hannigan David Wilson
Lily St Regis Vicki Wilson
Molly Danielle Hayes
Pepper Charlotte Bradburn
Duffy Zoe Pollitt
July Beth Corrigan
Tessie Sophie McManus
Kate Mellisa Rollinson
F.D.R. Andrew Turton
Bert Healy Don Howcroft
Drake Bill Sharples
Ronnie Boylan Jane Bickerstaffe
Bonnie Boylan Irene Bowers
Connie Boylan Kathy Turton
Jimmy Johnson Roger Higginbottom
Fred McCracken Don Fairclough
Harold Ickes David Witt
Henry Morganthau David Jones
Mrs Pugh Ruth Prescott
Mrs Greer Gill Pollitt
A Star To Be Sarah Booth
Louis Howe Eddie Williams
Marine Jamie Fletcher
Sandy the dog Candy the dog
Sarah Bailey, Chloe Bentham, Lucy Corrigan, Sarah Fairclough, Charlotte Fallon, Amy Fitton, Jessica Foxley, Faye Knowles, Sarah Rushton, Hannah Scholes, Emma Watton, Laura Weston, Natasha Wilkinson
Carole Brooks, Alison Buckthorpe, Ann Coleman, Karen Evans, Hazel Gray, Doreen Healey, Nicola Hudson, Barbara Martin, Yvonne Neary, Helen Popplewell, Mary Pycroft, Laura Rushton, Michelle Sale, Maria Sharrocks, Vicky Witt
  • Annie Annie
  • The girls in the orphanage "It's a Hard-Knock Life" The girls in the orphanage "It's a Hard-Knock Life"
  • Miss Hannigan Miss Hannigan
  • The Hooverville-ites The Hooverville-ites
  • Annie and Molly Annie and Molly
  • Grace visits Annie and Miss Hannigan in the orphanage Grace visits Annie and Miss Hannigan in the orphanage
  • Oliver Warbucks Oliver Warbucks
  • The Boylan Sisters The Boylan Sisters
  • Annie, Daddy Warbucks and Grace Annie, Daddy Warbucks and Grace
  • The Warbucks staff The Warbucks staff
  • Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily
  • Daddy Warbucks, Annie and Grace Daddy Warbucks, Annie and Grace
  • President Roosevelt looks on as Lily and Rooster claim to be Annie's parents President Roosevelt looks on as Lily and Rooster claim to be Annie's parents
  • The Cabinet The Cabinet
  • Rooster and Lily in disguise Rooster and Lily in disguise
  • The girls from the orphanage arrive at the party The girls from the orphanage arrive at the party
  • Molly opens her present Molly opens her present
  • "Tomorrow" "Tomorrow"

  • Bolton Evening News Review
  • NODA North West News Review
The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow - but its glow shone out at Walmsley last night in a heart-warming production of Annie.

The Walmsley society is on a winner here with this ever popular production, bringing us a fresh young star in Fiona Larkin in the main role. She sings with sweet clarity, ably assisted by her ragamuffin band of New York orphans led by Molly, alias another emerging talent, Danielle Hayes.

The story of the winsome little redhead's search for her parents combines pathos, comedy, dancing and memorable music in the care of Musical Director Marjorie Hough.

It's all imaginatively directed and choreographed by the reliable hand of Nora Howcroft, with Mike Taylor impressive as Daddy Warbucks and Lindsay Farnworth a lively, warm Grace Farrell.

But it was Joyce Walters as the boozy Miss Hannigan who stole the show. Berating the awful "little girls", she proved a lasting lynch-pin in a show which entertained from the opening bars to the rousing finale.

Angela Kelly
On my travels throughout Region 5, and elsewhere when standing in for otherwise engaged reps, one often sees individual excellence, great choreography etc. etc. Rarely do all the elements of a production conspire together to produce a brilliant show - this was one such.

Attention to detail was much in evidence, accents were maintained throughout, lighting was good, the sets looked splendid and were changed speedily and even the dog looked completely at home on the stage.

The title role was taken by Fiona Larkin whose voice and acting ability belied her tender years and was matched by an impish Molly played by Danielle Hayes. The remaining legion of wonderfully scruffy orphanage kids worked well as a unit and were a delight to watch, particularly in the well choreographed 'Hard knock life' number.

The booze sodden harridan, Miss Hannigan, is a gem of a role and every nuance of the character was brought to life by Joyce Walters. Her shiftless relation Rooster and his gangster's moll styled Lily St Regis were equally well played by David and Vicki Wilson.

Mike Taylor gave an imposing performance, sang very well, showing a genuine warmth to the unfortunate Annie as the high powered business tycoon Oliver Warbucks whilst Lindsay Farnworth was ideally cast as Grace Farrell.

The studio scene was highly amusing giving Don Howcroft the chance to contribute as Bert Healy whilst Irene Bowers, Jane Bickerstaffe and Kathy Turton were the delightfully over the top Boylan sisters. There was also a strength in depth as those who took the minor roles all made telling contributions.

The orchestra under the direction of Marjorie Hough played extremely well adding to the overall effect, general chorus work was much improved and Producer/Choreographer Nora Howcroft can be well pleased with this bright, vibrant show and the quality achieved by all concerned. This was a seamless production with hardly a chink in the armour of excellence.

Glyn Neary

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