25th October - 1st November 1947
Production Officials
Director Mrs E Cooper
Musical Director H Brown
Choreographer Frances Bleasdale
Hillier Tom Dover
Lathers Donald Barnes
Duke of Crowborough George Bland
Alf William A Livesey
Betty Doreen Warburton
Gerard Jack Bateson
Dolly Edith Wood
Chiquette Sheila Cole
Jane Mary Kay
Hon. Victor Halifax Joseph Monk
Cedric James E Hodgson
Lord Playne William Parry
David Playne Richard Locke
Achille Jotte William Garstang
Estelle Alice Garstang
Rawlins Margaret Catterall
D Hacking, J Hall, E pilkington, A Thompson, H Finch, J Hacking, A Wood, H Woolley
M Bowdler, E Fairclough, M Fairclough, A Haslam, B Hornby, M Kay, F Smith, D Walsh
Ladies Of The Chorus
E Campbell, L Clements, J Deeley, J Hall, D Higham, M Hulse, M Parker, G Preston, G Taylor, B Thomson, D Thomson, J Thomson, G Walsh, S Whitehead
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
K Beckett, A Clowes, J E Hacking, J Holden, D G Hunt, L B Pilkington, F E Woolley
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