11th - 16th November 1991
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Audrey H. McL. Raistrick
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Choreographer Glenys E. Collinson
Billy Bigelow Graham R. Edgington
Julie Jordan Gillian Pollitt
Carrie Pipperidge Adrienne Wormald
Enoch Snow Michael Taylor
Mrs Mullin Irene Bowers
Nettie Fowler Margaret Steel
Jigger Craigen Adrian Pollitt
David Bascombe Andrew Turton
Heavenly Friend Graham Yardley
Star Keeper William Steel
Louise Kay Brannan
Enoch Snow Jnr Anthony Mitchell
Carnival Boy Peter Collinson
Snow Children
Kristi Bonfield, Gavin Turner, Christopher Maden, Samantha Mitchell, Lorna Clarke, James R. Edgington, Robert Turner, Emma Clarke
Julia Marsden, Anita Cropper, Emma Howarth, Sarah Maden, Jane Bickerstaffe, Norma Dootson, Sylvia Fishwick, Carol Gannon, Hazel Gray, Barbara Haslam, Doreen Healey, Claire Moses, Jean Maden, Yvonne Neary, Lisa Oldbury, Mary Pycroft, Kath Robbins, Tracey Rollinson, Christine Taylor, Betty Towler, Elizabeth Williams, Norma Wilcock, Janet Witt, Nicola Worrall, Louise Yates, Norman Bowers, Stanley Collinson, Ted Donnelly, Paul Duckworth, Tony Fox, Roger Higginbottom, Stuart Murray, Williams Sharples, David Witt, Maurice Windsor, Carole Brooks, Helen Goudge, Lisa Hampson, Sarah Hibbert, Julie Kirby, Barbara Martin, Teresa Neary, Ruth Prescott
  • Julie and Carrie "Mr Snow" Julie and Carrie "Mr Snow"
  • Billy and Mrs Mullin Billy and Mrs Mullin
  • Louise Louise
  • The Snow Children and Mr Snow The Snow Children and Mr Snow
  • Carrie and Jigger Carrie and Jigger
  • "The Carousel Waltz" "The Carousel Waltz"
  • Julie, Carrie and Mr Snow Julie, Carrie and Mr Snow
  • The Graduation The Graduation
  • The Carousel Dancers The Carousel Dancers
  • Mr Snow, Jigger and Julie Mr Snow, Jigger and Julie
  • Mrs Mullin Mrs Mullin
  • The Company The Company
  • Jigger and Billy play cards Jigger and Billy play cards
  • Nettie and the company "June Is Bustin' Out All Over" Nettie and the company "June Is Bustin' Out All Over"

Bolton Evening News Review
Lively musical Carousel, brought a touch of the nostalgic with its famous heart-warming tunes.

Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society recreated the magic of the ill-fated romance between Julie Jordan, alias Gillian Pollitt, and scoundrel Billy Bigelow, played by Graham Edgington.

Carousel is a musical which has been aired and dusted in almost every theatre in the world but it never loses its charm. The performance was enthusiastic and entertaining and the actors soon overcame first night nerves and started to relax into their roles.

Although at times the stage looked as if it was overflowing with actors, the scenes were excellently smooth and the singing superb. My favourite character was the patronising figure of Enoch Snow, alias Michael Taylor, whose idea of giving a girl a bunch of flowers was to hand over a packet of geranium seeds!

The rascal Billy Bigelow soon finds the error of his ways and realises that the Pearly Gates are only at the front door of Heaven - his way is through the Mother of Pearly Gates at the back! The show lasts for 3 hours and is littered with witty one-liners, song and dance routines.

Gayle Ledson
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