The Count Of Luxembourg
30th October - 6th November 1976
Production Officials
Director David Tyldsley
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Choreographer Sonia Joy Talbot
Rene, Count of Luxembourg Bill Dixon
Brissard Philip Lloyd
Juliette Glenys M. Poole
Saville Graham Yardley
Marchand Graham Edgington
The Grand Duke Basil David Brockbank
Mentchikoff Harry Lee
Pavlovitch Stanley Collinson
M’sieur Pelegrin Keith Richardson
Angele Didier Renee Cave
Mouchoir Roy Haslam
Jo-Jo Jane Topping, Nicholas Gee
The Princess Kokosov Audrey Raistrick
Dancers & Chorus
Helen Bennett, Ruth Brockbank, Jennifer Cave, Claire Clarkson, Kathleen Clements, Glenys Collinson, Norma Dootson, Thelma Durrans, Susan Daley, Brenda Dixon, Joyce Foster, Sylvia Fishwick, Dianne Gee, Barbara Haslam, Millie Hackett, Jean Jones, Helen Kirby, Ann Lloyd, Joyce Rothwell, Barbara Smith, Mary Topping, Betty Towler, Irene Taylor, Barbara Tidy, Gwen White, Alice Walling, Janice Warburton, Dorothy Yardley, Gordon Bustard, John Bellis, Gordon Green, Bert Rothwell, Geoff Sutcliffe, Tom Topping, Jeff Taylor, Alan Towler, Andrew Turton, Maurice Windsor, Graham Yardley
  • Bolton Evening News Review
  • Manchester Evening News
"The Count of Luxembourg" is more of an operetta than a musical. Lehar's solid musical background (he studied at the Conservatory of Prague) entitles his works to more serious consideration than does the usual run of musical comedy. This altogether delightful work is full of melody piquantly expressed and skilfully orchestrated and it is not surprising therefore that the Walmsley Operatic Society, who are presenting the show all this week in the school hall, concentrate on giving the music a good airing. They are particularly fortunate in having as their lead players two actors with exceptionally good voices. Bill Dixon as the Count and Renee Cave as Angele Didier, the opera singer, are both dramatically powerful and musically outstanding. They are backed not only by some strong chorus work but by secondary players of talent. Among those who deserve special mention are David Brockbank as the Grand Duke, Philip Lloyd as Brissard and Glenys M. Poole as Juliette. Walmsley productions are famous for their sumptuous scenery and costumes and this show is no exception. Particulary commendable is the speed and efficiency with which the scenes are changed. David Tyldesley who directs, and Jessie Whittaker, as Musical Director, both have grounds for self-congratulation and there is a valedictory pat on the back for Lehar too. Charles Petry
Walmsley Church AODS have a high reputation as a society with a lot of musical talent and certainly they fully live up to it in this gay, light-hearted operetta, with its frivolous story and captivating music by Franz Lehar. The exceptionally fine singing voices of Bill Dixon in the title lead, and Renee Cave, as his opera singer lady love, turn this production into a feast of music. David Brockbank makes a humorous, conniving Grand Duke Basil, and Glenys Poole is an enchanting, extremely attractive Juliette. Philip Lloyd expresses well and with comic ability the frustrations of the pasty cook Brissard, and Audrey Raistrick, as Russian Princess Kokosov, combines a pleasant well-controlled singing voice with convincing acting.

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