A Country Girl
29th October, 2nd & 5th November 1932
Production Officials
Director Miss G. Knowles
Musical Director Mr H. Brown
Choreographer Miss R. Bradley
Rube Charlie Sedgwick
Mummery Joe Greenhalgh
Sir Joseph Verity William Garstang
Douglas Verity Cyril Crompton
Mrs Quinton Raikes Mary Rushton
Sophie Ethel Pilkington
Geoffrey Challoner John Hacking
Barry Harry Pilkington
Capt. Grasmere William A. Livesey
Nan Doris Hacking
Major Vicat Bernard H. Lord
Nurse Margaret Catterall
Marjorie Ellen Isherwood
Rajah of Bhong Albert Wood
Princess Mehelaneh Ethel Hacking
Lord Anchester Bernard H. Lord
Lady Anchester Gwen Wadsworth
Juveniles Mary Kay, Dorothy Kay
Ladies Of The Chorus
H. Bowker, E. Catterall, D. France, E. Garstang, M. Hardman, A. Horrocks, E. Kay, M. Kay, J. Kay, B. Leigh, D. Morgan, A. North, G. Preston, H. Price, A. Ratcliffe, A. Sankey, M. Stones, M. Swarbrick, A. Thornley, B. Tyrer, E. Tyrer, E. Underwood, H. Warburton, E. Kay, G. Walsh
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
E. Bryce, J. Howarth, W. Isherwood, H. Kay, G. Parry, W. Parry, A. Preston, R. Towler, S. Williams, A. Wood, J. Catterall, J. Warburton
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