Doctor Dolittle
Nomination - Best Actor in a Musical (BATS) - Tristan Barraclough
Nomination - Best Supporting Actress (NODA) - Laura Hassall

4th - 9th November 2013
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Mike Pinder
Choreographer Lara Crombie
Dr John Dolittle Tristan Barraclough
Polynesia Laura Hassall
Matthew Mugg David Wilson
Tommy Stubbins James Tibbitts
General Bellowes Steve Cunliffe
Emma Fairfax Vicki Wilson
Albert Blossom Mike Donahue
Gertie Blossom Eileen Reeves
Straight Arrow David Witt
Sir Aubrey Dymme-Witt Roger Higginbottom
Bailiff Stewart Ball
Jip Carole Brooks
Chee-Chee Zoe Pollitt
Gub-Gub Charlotte Davenport
Rufus Mary Pycroft
Dab-Dab Joyce Walters
Mildred Janet Witt
Toggle Jane Bickerstaffe
Sheila Barbara Martin
Pushme-Pullyu Joanna & Katie Ball
Sophie Sarah Lomas
Sophie's husband Stewart Ball
Great Lunar Moth Helen Shaw
Baby Lunar Moth Alice Higginbottom
Giraffe Dave McGreavy
Mavis Ann Coleman
Alicia Gill Pollitt
Vladimir Paul Duckworth
  • Dr John Dolittle Dr John Dolittle
  • Polynesia, Gub-Gub & Chee-Chee Polynesia, Gub-Gub & Chee-Chee
  • Emma Fairfax Emma Fairfax
  • Matthew Mugg Matthew Mugg
  • Matthew & Emma Matthew & Emma
  • Tommy Stubbins Tommy Stubbins
  • Matthew & townspeople Matthew & townspeople
  • Albert & Gertie Blossom Albert & Gertie Blossom
  • The Pushme-Pullyu The Pushme-Pullyu
  • Dr Dolittle sets sail Dr Dolittle sets sail
  • Polynesia, Dr Dolittle, Straight Arrow & Emma Polynesia, Dr Dolittle, Straight Arrow & Emma
  • Straight Arrow's people Straight Arrow's people
  • Townsfolk Townsfolk
  • General Bellowes General Bellowes
  • Townsfolk Townsfolk
  • Tommy, Matthew, Emma & Dr Dolittle Tommy, Matthew, Emma & Dr Dolittle

  • The Bolton News Review
  • Amateur Stage Magazine Review
From seals to a giraffe and delightful moths, let a talented cast whisk you away to the charming world of Doctor Dolittle. It is the first time the musical, based on the stories by Hugh Lofting and the 1967 film, has been staged in Bolton – either by amateurs or professionals – and Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society does a delightful job.

It tells the story of a doctor who shuns human patients in favour of talking to the animals, setting off on a voyage to find the Great Pink Sea Snail and meeting several challenges along the way. The costumes, particularly those of the animals, are fantastic and help to set the scene while making you smile throughout the colourful production.

Tristan Barraclough impresses in the lead role of Doctor Dolittle and is entertaining, particularly when talking to the animals and performing many of the songs solo including The Vegetarian and Like Animals. David Wilson, as Matthew Mugg, and Vicki Wilson, as Emma Fairfax, also display impressive vocals as the doctor’s Irish pal and love interest. Another highlight is the song, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It, featuring Mike Donahue as Albert Blossom, Eileen Reeves as Gertie Blossom, Tristan as the doctor and the rest of the company. Laura Hassall moves gracefully as Polynesia the parrot, resplendent in her colourful costume, and James Tibbitts, as Tommy Stubbins is another talented young member of the cast.

Director Nora Howcroft has done a splendid job in bringing the musical to life, while the music is overseen by musical director Mike Pinder and the wardrobe co-ordinated by Mary Pycroft and Julie Kirby. Crawl, trot, gallop or fly along to this enchanting production before Saturday.

Melanie Wallwork
I was pleased to find that this show was to have its regional premier at Walmsley. What a super show, all ingredients for a great nights entertainment.

The audience were led through the wonderful world of Dr. Dolittle superbly played by Tristan Barraclough meeting such a variety of animals. He would rather talk to them than humans and so with the help of his parrot Polynesia, he began to speak and understand all the amimals. Laura Hassall gave a wonderful performance as Polynesia, her costume was fantastic, moving so gracefully and with a super voice. All the animals had beautiful costumes it was easy to recognise the different creatures. Congratulations to wardrobe. The doctors two friends were his Irish mate Matthew Mugg and love interest Emma Fairfax, well acted by real life husband and wife David and Vicki Wilson.

I have always been impressed with the harmonies in this society, the singing was as usual of the highest standard. Mike Pinder was in charge of a well disciplined orchestra and Nora Howcroft did a great job in bringing the show to life.The musical numbers really were foot tapping as Dr Dolittle sang numbers such as The Vegetarian and Like Animals. One of the highlights of the show "I've Never Seen Anything Like It" featuring Mike Donahue and Eileen Reeves as Albert and Gertie Blossom as well as the Doctor and cast, brilliant.!!!!!

Altogether a great production. Thank you for the kind invitation, a lovely night.

Jackie Kay

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