The Dogs Of Devon
10th, 14th & 17th November 1928
Production Officials
Coach Mr G. Knowles
Sir Francis Drake Mr J. Hacking
Don Bernardino de Mendoza Mr H. Catterall
Sir Wilfred Leigh Mr C. Crompton
Captain of the Guard Mr Jno. Warburton
Noah Fleming Mr J. Greenhalgh
Capt. Hugh Fleming Mr H. Woolley
Simon Simple Mr T. Greenhalgh
Sergeant of Beefeaters Mr A. Wood
Town Clerk of Plymouth Mr. Jos. Warburton
Town Crier Mr W. Garstang
Mayor of Plymouth Mr H. Pilkington
Queen Elizabeth Mrs H. Pilkington
Dame Margery Fleming Miss E. Hacking
Dorothy Mrs W. Hodgson
Elsie Miss M. Catterall
Dolores Miss D. Edgell
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