Fiddler On The Roof
8th, 10th - 15th May 1976
Production Officials
Director David Tyldsley
Musical Director Kenneth Bayliss
Choreographer Sonia Joy Talbot
Tevye Alec Greaves
Golde Audrey Raistrick
Tzeitel Edna Unsworth
Hodel Susan Daley
Chava Mandy Beddows
Shprintze Jane Topping, Julie Thornton
Bielke Celia Harris, Cathryn Unsworth
Yente Brenda Dixon
Motel Philip Lloyd
Perchik Bill White
Lazar Wolf David Brockbank
Mordcha Bert Rothwell
Rabbi Ernest Pollitt
Mendel Graham Yardley
Avram Robin Foster
Nachum David Heaton
Grandma Tzeitel Millie Hackett
Fruma-Sarah Dorothy Yardley
Constable Harry Lee
Fyedka Graham Edgington
Shandel Renee Cave
The Fiddler Glenys Collinson
Helen Bennett, Ruth Brockbank, Aileen Bramwell, Claire Clarkson, Jennifer Cave, Thelma Durrans, Sylvia Fishwick, Jean Grimshaw, Barbara Haslam, Heather Kirby, Gillian Kirby, Ann Lloyd, Linda Power, Joyce Rothwell, Rosemary Nightingale, Barbara Tidy, Betty Towler, Janet Towler, Mary Topping, Dorothy Yardley, John Bellis, Nicholas Baird, Garrick Barnett, David Fairclough, Gordon Green, Stephen Greaves, Tom Topping, Michael Topping, Simon Raistrick, Maurice Windsor
Manchester Evening News Review
Here was a production that captured the warm humanity of this moving musical about a depressed Jewish minority trying to follow its lifestyle in an alien Russia. Symbol of the community’s insecurity is the youth perched on the roof sawing away at a fiddle (in this instance played by a girl, Glenys Collinson). And Walmsley Operatic Society at its Egerton (Bolton) schoolroom theatre had her flitting wraith-like across the stage at several climactic moments of the play. I have not seen this figure used quite so effectively before. Producer David Tyldsley is to be congratulated on this imaginative touch and also on his technical skill in making the most of an inadequate stage. Characters move the furniture off as others insinuate themselves into the open spaces to maintain a non-stop action. Alec Greaves as Tevye, the Bible-quoting milkman, and Audrey Raistrick, as his wife Golde, sang their duets with impressive emotion. The former made the most of the comedy opportunities, but his spouse was not as dominating as the character demands. Philip Lloyd was excellent as the timorous tailor. Choreographer Sonia Joy Talbot made a notable contribution to the general atmosphere with the descriptive dances she devised. Tom Wildern
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