Fiddler On The Roof
Runner-Up - Best Musical (BATS)
Nomination - Best Actor in a Musical (BATS) - Steve Benson
23rd - 28th April 2012
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Mike Pinder
Choreographer Lara Crombie
Tevye Steve Benson
Golde Adrienne Wormald
Tzeitel Grace Firth
Hodel Lindsay Farnworth
Chava Jess Barnett
Shprintze Laura Hassall
Bielke Hannah Worrell
Yente Vicki Wilson
Motel David Wilson
Perchik Joe Connor
Lazar Wolf David Witt
Mordcha Mike Bailey
Rabbi Don Howcroft
Mendel Andrew Turton
Avram Alan Hitchen
Nachum Stewart Ball
Grandma Tzeitel Joyce Walters
Fruma-Sarah Kathy Turton
Constable Robert Peace
Fyedka Michael Baines
Shaindel Jane Bickerstaffe
Rifka Louise Steggals
Ruchel Barbara Martin
Fiddler Joanna Ball
Carole Brooks, John Cocking, Ann Coleman, Lara Crombie, Simon Ellison, Amanda Hassall, Zara Horn, Tom Keefe, Helen McGrath, Dave McGreavy, Mary Pycroft, Trish Shorten, John West, Janet Witt
  • The Fiddler on the Roof The Fiddler on the Roof
  • Tevye Tevye
  • Golde & Yente Golde & Yente
  • Townsfolk Townsfolk
  • Hodel, Chava & Tzeitel Hodel, Chava & Tzeitel
  • Townsfolk Townsfolk
  • Tevye, Perchik & men Tevye, Perchik & men
  • Perchik & girls Perchik & girls
  • Motel & Tzeitel Motel & Tzeitel
  • Fruma-Sarah and the dream Fruma-Sarah and the dream
  • The Wedding dancers The Wedding dancers
  • The Wedding The Wedding
  • Constable & men Constable & men
  • Townsfolk Townsfolk
  • Tevye & Golde Tevye & Golde
  • Tevye & family Tevye & family
  • Motel, Tzeitel, Rabbi & townsfolk Motel, Tzeitel, Rabbi & townsfolk
  • Company Company

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  • Amateur Stage Magazine Review
Set in the small Jewish village, Anatevka, in Russia, Fiddler on the Roof tells the story of Tevye, a dairyman, and his struggle to uphold his family's long-held traditions in a changing world.

Walmsley Church AODS production opened to a near-capacity audience, who I am sure like myself, enjoyed a great evening's entertainment. Director Nora Howcroft, Musical Director Mike Pinder and Choreographer Lara Crombie have served up a gem. From curtain up we were treated to an opening company number (Tradition), which really made us sit up and take notice. The singing and staging of the number was excellent.

Steve Benson in the role of Tevye was outstanding. His interpretation of the character alongside some excellent comedy timing and note-perfect singing contributed to a performance that any professional would have been proud of. Adrienne Wormald in the role of Tevye's wife Golde, complemented Benson's performance very well. A natural performance and lovely singing voice, which came into its own in the numbers Sabbath Prayer and Sunrise Sunset. Both these pieces, accompanied by the full company, were a joy to listen to. I could go on to name all the principal players in this production as all are worthy of praise but that would not be fair as the supporting company all gave good performances too. That said, I must make an exception and mention the performance from Vicki Wilson as Yente. Vicki is well known for her expertise in comedy/character roles and this was no exception - another great performance.

One of the highlights in Act One was the dream scene. It was hilarious and very well executed. Act Two continued to entertain us even further with more well-performed scenes and musical numbers.

This only goes to show that amateur theatre in Bolton is thriving and if you want proof of this then book your seat. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Congratulations to the society and thank you for your hospitality.

Graham J Cohen
It is a joy to watch a show when everything is perfect. I and am sure all the audience were sorry to see it end. The show had everything: a lovely set, very slick changes and delightful costumes.

Director Nora Howcroft brought out the very best from a talented cast. I have always been impressed with the harmonies this society have produced, and this show was no different. Mike Pinder MD must have worked so hard in getting all the musical numbers just right: they were brilliant. My congratulations on his control of a very good orchestra, the sound perfect.

Every character was well cast. Steve Benson was exceptional as Tevye, the father of five daughters itself a problem, trying to find husbands for them and at the same time trying to keep to his faith and traditions. All his musical numbers were so well sung. He was well supported by his wife Golde well played by Adrienne Wormald. His daughters, Tzeitel (Grace Firth), Hodel (Lindsay Farnworth), Chava (Jess Barnett), Shprintze (Laura Hassall) and Bielke (Hannah Worrell) all acted and sang very well. The three older girls gave us a super rendition of `Matchmaker, Matchmaker`. Vicki Wilson gave a lovely performance as Yente, the Matchmaker; well done. All the men in this show were just right for the parts. David Wilson gave us a gentle Motel, the scene when he asked Tevye for permission to marry Tzeitel was so funny as was his delight when the sewing machine arrived. Perchik, the student with his radical thinking, was well sung and acted by Joe Conner.

Because of the type of show this is, the director must try to lighten it where possible, the dream scene did just that. It was really well done. I had a wonderful evening's entertainment.Thank you for the care and attention given, and I look forward to my next visit.

Jackie Kay

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