Guys And Dolls
8th - 15th November 1986
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Audrey H McL. Raistrick
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Assistant Musical Director Frank Fielding
Choreographer Louise Billington
Sky Masterson Mike Taylor
Sarah Brown Irene Bowers
Nathan Detroit Graham Yardley
Miss Adelaide Glenys M. Poole
Nicely-Nicely Johnson Colin Crompton
Benny Southstreet Andrew Turton
Rusty Charley Eric Cheetham
Harry the Horse Stanley Collinson
Arvide Abernathy Alec Greaves
Lt Brannigan Norman Bowers
Angie the Ox Ron Finney
Joey Biltmore Wilf Lea
Mimi Dorothy Yardley
Gen Matilda B. Cartwright Diane Tustin
Liver Lips Louie Alex Topp
Society Max Ben Lea
Big Jule Adrian Pollitt
Mission Band
John Bellis, Norma Dootson, Mary Greaves, Sylvia Fishwick, Catherine Robbins
Hot Box Girls
Virginia Bennison, Hazel Gray, Gay O’Donnell, Fiona Steel, Elaine Warren, Dorothy Yardley
Havana Girls
Carole Brooks, Barbara Martin, Dorothy Pitfield, Christina Welch, Ruth Wilcock, Janet Witt
Claire Clarkson, Helen Collier, Adrienne Green, Jackie Gritt, Barbara Haslam, Jean Maden, Gillian Pollitt, Helen Popplewell, Mary Pycroft, Emma Steel, Julia Sutton, Christine Taylor, Jane Thornton, Betty Towler, Nicola Wesley, Elizabeth Williams, Graham Cohen, David Johnson, Harry Lee, Keith Richardson, Ernest Pollitt, John Wallace, Maurice Windsor, David Witt
  • The Crapshooters The Crapshooters
  • "Luck Be A Lady Tonight" "Luck Be A Lady Tonight"
  • The Mission Band and Sarah Brown The Mission Band and Sarah Brown
  • Sarah, Arvide and Sky Sarah, Arvide and Sky
  • Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown
  • The Wedding of Nathan and Adelaide The Wedding of Nathan and Adelaide
  • The Hotbox Girls The Hotbox Girls
  • "Take Back Your Mink" "Take Back Your Mink"
  • "Take Back Your Mink" "Take Back Your Mink"
  • Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide
  • "Sue Me" "Sue Me"
  • Sky and Nathan Sky and Nathan
  • "Oldest Established" "Oldest Established"
  • The Crapshooters The Crapshooters
  • "Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat" "Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat"

Bolton Evening News Review
The lives and loves of the ladies and gentlemen of downtown little old New York were chronicled by Damon Runyon, in his own fashion, in "Guys and Dolls".

The form was the short story, the style unique. So happy a conjunction, it might be argued, ought not to be tampered with. But, refusing to regard it as holy writ, along came Loesser, Swerling and Burrows and turned it into one of the liveliest musicals ever.

Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Societyare currently giving it an airing and anyone who enjoys an effervescent performance and particularly melodious numbers will find this very much to their taste.

Anyone who can go home without whistling some tune or other from the show must be a dull dog indeed.

Particularly impressive in this production, by Audrey Raistrick, is the ensemble work which gives stability and confidence to the principals.

And the principals themselves are acceptably even and strong. Graham Yardley as Nathan Detroit, Glenys Poole as Miss Adelaide, Mike Taylor as Sky Masterson and Irene Bowers as Sarah Brown attack their parts with authority.

The current high standard of Walmsley productions is maintained - not least in the complicated set changes which this musical demands.

Charles Petry
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