Jekyll and Hyde
WINNER - Best Actor in a Musical (BATS) - Steve Benson
Runner up - Best Musical (BATS)
Nomination - Best Musical Director (NODA) - Mike Pinder
Nomination - Best Actor in a Musical (NODA) - Steve Benson
Nomination - Best Artistic Direction (NODA) - Nora Howcroft
Nomination - Best Musical (NODA)
5th - 10th November 2012
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Mike Pinder
Choreographer Lara Crombie
Assistant Director Louise Steggals
Jekyll / Hyde Steve Benson
Emma Carew Lindsay Farnworth
Lucy Harris Adrienne Wormald
John Utterson David Wilson
Sir Danvers Carew Mike Taylor
Simon Stride Alan Hitchen
Nellie, a prostitute Vicki Wilson
The Bishop of Basingstoke David Witt
Lady Beaconsfield Kathy Turton
Lord Savage Mike Bailey
General Lord Glossop Andrew Turton
Sir Archibald Proops Dave Reeves
Spider, a pimp Graham Hope
Poole, manservant David Roberts
Bisset, apothecary Stewart Ball
Father Dave McGreavy
People Of London
Joanna Ball, Katie Ball, Jane Bickerstaffe, Carole Brooks, Lara Crombie, Steve Cunliffe, Charlotte Davenport, Amanda Hassall, Laura Hassall, Roger Higginbottom, Dave McGreavy, Barbara Martin, Hannah O'Driscoll, Gill Pollitt, Zoe Pollitt, Mary Pycroft, Eileen Reeves, Helen Shaw, Joyce Walters, Hannah Worrell
  • People of London People of London
  • Dr Jekyll Dr Jekyll
  • Jekyll & Emma Jekyll & Emma
  • John Utterson John Utterson
  • Bishop of Basingstoke, Sir Archibald Proops, Lord Savage, Lady Beaconsfield & General Lord Glossop Bishop of Basingstoke, Sir Archibald Proops, Lord Savage, Lady Beaconsfield & General Lord Glossop
  • Sir Danvers Carew Sir Danvers Carew
  • Party guests Party guests
  • Lucy and dancing girls Lucy and dancing girls
  • Engagement party guests Engagement party guests
  • Mr Hyde Mr Hyde
  • Emma & Sir Danvers Emma & Sir Danvers
  • People of London People of London
  • Hyde & Lucy Hyde & Lucy
  • People of London People of London
  • Utterson & Poole Utterson & Poole
  • People of London People of London

  • Bolton News Review
  • NODA North West News Review
This was among the best theatre I have experienced. Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society's production of Jekyll and Hyde, The Musical, was simply stunning - a powerful theatrical experience.

The cast were perfectly suited to their parts - from the mesmerising Steve Benson, who could have stepped right off the pages from Robert Louis Stevenson's gothic masterpiece - to Poole, Dr. Jekyll's worried butler. The classic story was performed as it should be. It was powerful, emotional with real moments of terror. This theatre company has a deservedly excellent reputation for staging great theatre, but it excelled itself with this production. It was easy to forget that this was an amateur production because so much of it was on a par with professional productions I have watched.

Benson portrayed perfectly the tormented Jekyll who becomes the horrifying Hyde. His acting was spectacular, terrifying yet emotional, expressed not just through his evocative voice but through his outstanding acting, shown at its best in his performance of Confrontation. Professional actors would struggle to create such a powerful scene. The talented cast included Adrienne Wormald, who used her moving voice to reflect the vulnerabilities of her character Lucy, showing herself to be another strong actor. Lindsay Farnworth, who plays Emma, is well suited to her part as Jekyll's first love interest. David Wilson who played Gabriel John Utterson was utterly superb as Hyde's friend, reflecting the feelings of a captivated audience.

Excellent direction and choreography resulted in colourful dance and set pieces by the company. A mention must also go to Norman Bowers and John Cocking whose fantastic and clever use of lighting made the transformation of Jekyll into Hyde theatre magic, among the most effective I have seen on stage and in multi-million pound Hollywood films.

This really was a professional production in all but in name with every single member of the cast and backstage crew pulling off what is a difficult musical to stage. This really is an unmissable production. The show runs until November 10 at the Parish Hall Theatre, Egerton. For information ring 01204 305812.

Saiqa Chaudhari
The audience were given a wonderful journey into Victorian London. the good, the bad, the affluent and the poor. The music is fantastic brought to us by an excellent MD, Mike Pinder leading a super orchestra. Once again this society has brought out the best in amateur theatre, so good were all the principals and equally good chorus.

Playing the duel part of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was the talented Steve Benson. Alternating between the tormented Jekyll and the frightening Mr Hyde, his acting and strong vocals were wonderful to watch. He was supported by Adrienne Wormald (Lucy) and Lindsay Farnworth (Emma) the two women in his life. The sweet girlfriend Emma and Lucy who must deal with the frightening Mr Hyde were both very good, both very different characters.Well done. David Wilson gave a good portayal of Dr Jekyll`s friend John Utterson.

My congratulations to the director Nora for such a lavish production. Sets were well thought out scene changes quick and quiet.Well done to all those backstage, sound, lighting, just right. Costumes were beautiful. The audience were given a night to remember. Thank you for your kindness. I look forward to your next production.

Jackie Kay

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