The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
28th April - 1st May 1999
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Lindsay Farnworth
Musical Director Nicola Worrall
Peter James Edgington
Susan Jenny Brindle
Edmund Dean Robinson
Lucy Fiona Larkin
Aslan the Lion Roy Iddon
The White Witch Gill Pollitt
Mr Beaver Andrew Turton
Mrs Beaver Kathy Turton
Mr Tumnus Helena Houghton
Maugrim Katy Gannon
Professor Kirk Paul Brennan
Mrs Macready Yvonne Neary
Father Christmas Barry Newth
Norma Wilcock, Barry Cragg, Hazel Gray, Elizabeth Williams, Ruth Prescott, Joyce Walters, Carole Brooks, Christine Catherall, Cecilia Keefe, Barbara Haslam, Caitlin Thomas, Claire Highton, Sophie Wilkinson, Chloe Bentham, Amy Anderson, Samantha Marshall, Charlotte Bradburn, Jessica Rideout, Lucy Allen, Joanne Dawber, Rebecca Walker, Laura Rushton, Sarah Bailey, Emma Scarlett, Thomas Smith, Rebecca Foulkes, Vicky Witt, Paul Butler, Jeanette Nelson, Sophie McManus, Zoe Pollitt, Carla Lattimer, Jill Marsden, Katie Bunn, Susan Bunn, Katie Holt, Lauren Berggren, Michelle Nelson, Bryany Anderson, Rachel Eccles, Jennifer Hilton, Rachael Bannister, Emma Walsh
  • Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund
  • Aslan the Lion Aslan the Lion
  • Lucy meets Mr Tumnus Lucy meets Mr Tumnus
  • Mr and Mrs Beaver Mr and Mrs Beaver
  • Edmund meets the White Witch Edmund meets the White Witch
  • Narnia creatures Narnia creatures
  • Maugrim Maugrim
  • The children in Narnia The children in Narnia
  • A woodland sprite A woodland sprite
  • Lucy Lucy
  • The White Witch The White Witch
  • Creature of Narnia Creature of Narnia
  • Creatures of Narnia Creatures of Narnia
  • Lucy, Peter and the Beavers Lucy, Peter and the Beavers
  • Creature of Narnia Creature of Narnia
  • Aslan with Susan and Lucy Aslan with Susan and Lucy
  • The Company The Company

  • Bolton Evening News Review
  • NODA North West News Review
This adaptation of the classic novel by CS Lewis is not usually presented as a musical and so I sat down last night with some trepidation. Yet my initial fears were soon dispelled by this well presented and well cast joint production. Enthusiasm is the hallmark of this show and the 40-strong cast ranging from seven years to sixty something tackle it with gusto.

Set in 1939, four young evacuees are sent to stay in a rambling country house where they find the magical land of Narnia – through the back of the wardrobe. This enables us to meet some wonderful characters as the Pevensie children help reclaim Narna from the grip of the wicked white witch. Gill Pollitt is particularly impressive as the menacing witch and is supported ably by her cackling rabble whose musical scenes are some of the best in the show.

The children are led by Peter who is played confidently by James Edgington, Jenny Brindle, well cast as Susan, has an enchanting voice while Dean Robinson is believable as the wayward Edmund. In young Fiona Larkin, nine, as Lucy, the company has an outstanding newcomer who delivered her lines like a seasoned professional. Mr Tumnus, the fawn, is played endearingly by Helena Houghton and Roy Iddon turns in a strong performance as Aslan the lion.

The allegorical references to the resurrection may have been lost on the many children in the audience but Aslan's death and then return to the land of the living were nonetheless touching. The two beavers, played by husband and wife team Andrew and Kathy Turton nearly stole the show and provided some very well-delivered funnies.

Scenery, scene changes and costumes added greatly to this well-directed production and it was heartening to see so many young people alongside more experienced performers. They clearly enjoyed themselves as did the audience.

Angelina Aspinall
The society celebrated its 125th production by joining forces with its Junior Workshop to present the NW Premier of this show.

Based on the classic CS Lewis novel the four Pevensie children are evacuated to Professor Kirk's rambling country house where they make an exciting discovery at the back of an old wardrobe. And what was at the back of Walmsley's wardrobe was something quite special. The society's stage staff had, once again, produced many excellent sets, particularly the Witch's Courtyard scene, each of which was complemented by effective lighting.

Full marks must also go to the small orchestra and musical director Nicola Worrall who took the baton for the first time. The four Pevensie children were played by Jenny Brindle, Fiona Larkin, James Edgington and Dean Robinson. Whilst each did well with their roles the accolades go to nine years old Fiona Lark-in who played Lucy Pevensie with a confidence far beyond her limited years. Helena Houghton also sang well and was expressive as the fawn, Mr Tumnus.

The remainder of the Junior Workshop played various groups of forest animals and here, along with the senior members of the society, their make-up and costumes were excellent. Sulwyn Mann and her team are to be congratulated for their efforts and attention to detail as are Julie Kirkby and Jane Bickerstaffe in charge of wardrobe.

With the junior chorus of animals I feel an opportunity was missed. The various types of animals should have been given different choreographed movements to distinguish their group rather than appearing en-masse on each occasion.

As for the seniors there were impressive performances from Gill Pollitt as the White Witch who holds Narnia in her icy grip and a robust portrayal of Aslan the Lion from Roy Iddon who eventually, with assistance from the Pevensie children, wins the day. The comedy element was ably supplied by Kathy and Andrew Turton who contrived to steal each scene in which they appeared as the rather rotund, exceedingly fluffy, Womble-like Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. For me they were the icing on top of an extremely rich cake-mix.

Congratulations to the Junior Workshop director, Lindsay Farnworth, for an excellent show.

Glyn Neary

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