A Little Night Music
25th - 30th April 2011
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Tom Bowes
Choreographer Lara Crombie
Fredrika Armfeldt Jess Barnett
Madame Armfeldt Joyce Walters
Anne Egerman Lindsay Farnworth
Fredrik Egerman Mike Fallon
Petra Jane Bickerstaffe
Desiree Armfeldt Eileen Reeves
Count Carl-Magnus David Wilson
Countess Charlotte Vicki Wilson
Mr Erlanson David Witt
Mr Lindquist Alan Hitchen
Mrs Nordstrum Zoe Pollitt
Mrs Anderssen Gill Pollitt
Mrs Segstrom Mary Pycroft
First Actress Carole Brooks
Second Actress Gill Pollitt
Henrik Egerman David Griffiths
Frid Mike Bailey
Butler Don Howcroft
Chauffeur 1 Zoe Pollitt
Chauffeur 2 Paul Duckworth
Stewart Ball, Jill Marsden, Barbara Martin, Ruth Prescott, Maria Sharrocks, Janet Smith, Janet Witt
  • The Company The Company
  • Fredrika, Frid and Madame Armfeldt Fredrika, Frid and Madame Armfeldt
  • Henrik Henrik
  • Fredrik and Anne Fredrik and Anne
  • Actresses and Desiree Actresses and Desiree
  • Anne and Fredrik Anne and Fredrik
  • Countess Charlotte and Anne Countess Charlotte and Anne
  • Fredrika and Desiree Fredrika and Desiree
  • Count Carl-Magnus Count Carl-Magnus
  • The Company The Company
  • Anne and Countess Charlotte Anne and Countess Charlotte
  • Countess Charlotte Countess Charlotte
  • Fredrik Fredrik
  • Desiree and Count Carl-Magnus Desiree and Count Carl-Magnus
  • Desiree and Fredrik Desiree and Fredrik
  • Frid and Petra Frid and Petra
  • The Company The Company

  • Bolton News Review
  • Amateur Stage Magazine Review
The cast at Walmsley Church AODS sparkled in one of Stephen Sondheim's lesser-known musicals. The show is set in elegant Sweden, where love affairs and intrigues are the most important thing. Dashing lawyer Fredrik Egerman is having difficulty consummating his marriage to his beautiful but shy young wife, Anne, and matters are not helped when an old flame, the seductive actress Desiree Armfeldt, returns on the scene.

Lindsay Farnworth showcases her truly impressive voice in the role of Anne, with her performances in the songs Every Day A Little Death and A Weekend In The Country being highlights of the first act.

The act suffered in parts from some unfortunate technical difficulties which tested the actors' professionalism, but happily the show went on to a triumphant second act, and the cast clearly grew in confidence as the microphone issues were settled.

Another standout performance came from Vicki Wilson, whose wittily cynical Countess Charlotte Malcolm had all the best lines, while Eileen Reeves surely caused quite a few lumps to rise in throats with her moving performance of the show's best-known song, Send In The Clowns. Mike Fallon played the part of Fredrik with distinction, while David Griffiths made the most of the comically morose minister-to-be Henrik, whose feelings for his stepmother are anything but holy.

The set and costumes were lavish, and the orchestra did a great job, directed by Tom Bowes in his debut. A full supporting cast of butlers, housekeepers and a saucy maid make this charming and elegant show the perfect opportunity to enjoy something a little different.

Kat Dibbits
One of Stephen Sondheim's lesser known musicals was the latest offering from Walmsley AODS. Set in Sweden, it tells the tale of lawyer Frederik Egerman and his new, young and very inexperienced wife Anne. The problems within the marriage are not helped with the appearance of his old flame, actress Desiree Armfeldt.

Mike Fallon played Fredrik with great distinction and with superb vocals. Dave Griffiths as his son Henrik, a young man wanting to enter the ministry but having anything but holy feelings for his new stepmother, had some very difficult musical numbers which he sang quite well.In the role of Anne was Lindsay Farnworth. I especially enjoyed Every Day A Little Death, which she sang with Vicki Wilson (Charlotte). Vicki and David Wilson played couple Carl-Magnus and Charlotte Malcolm. They brought most of the comedy to the show especially in Act 2 when Charlotte gets quite drunk and Carl challenges Fredrik to a duel. Desiree was taken by Eileen Reeves who gave a super rendition of the song Send In The Clowns.

The set and costumes were very attractive, very much in keeping with the period. The orchestra coped well with a very difficult score. The whole cast must have found the harmonies very difficult. Sometimes it sounded quite discordant however this seems to be Sondheim’s way of composing. Well done to everyone taking on such a challenging show.

Jackie Kay

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