The Marriage Market
18th, 22nd & 25th November 1933
Production Officials
Director Miss G. Knowles
Musical Director Mr H. Brown
Choreographer Miss R. Bradley
Shorty John Howarth
Tabasco Ned Joe Warburton
Mexican Bill Bernard H. Lord
Cheyenne Harry Harry Kay
Pablo George Parry
Hi-Ti Charles Sedgwick
Bald Faced Sandy Cyril Crompton
Jack Fleetwood John Hacking
Mariposa Gilroy Ellen Isherwood
Kitty Kent Alice Thornley
Emma Hilda Warburton
Blinker Harry Pilkington
Lord Hurlingham William Parry
Dolores Ethel Hacking
Dora Mary Rushton
Dolly Annie Ratcliffe
Peach Doris Hacking
Pansy Ethel Pilkington
Captain of the yacht “Mariposa” Albert Wood
Senator Abe K. Gilroy William Garstang
A Middy Annie Sankey
Solo Dance in Act III Rene Bradley
Ladies Of The Chorus
E. Catterall, M. Catterall, E. Garstang, N. Greenwood, A. Horrocks, E. Kay, M. Kay, J. Kay, A. North, G. Preston, H. Price, M. Spencer, M. Stones, B. Tyrer, E. Underwood, G. Wadsworth, A. Wood, E. Kay
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
J. Catterall, W. Isherwood, W. Kay, W.A. Livesey, A. Preston, R. Towler, A. Wood
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