The Merry Widow
20th - 25th April 1970
Production Officials
Director Derek W. Taylor
Musical Director J. Arnold Thornton
Choreographer Lois Booth
Anna (Madame Glawari) Valerie Walmsley
Danilo (Count Danilovitsch) Alec Greaves
Baron Zeta Arnold Knowles
Valencienne Ann Haslam
Camille William A. Livesey
Njegus Harry Lee
St Brioche Alan Lee
Cascada Don Howcroft
Kromov Jeffrey Taylor
Olga Brenda Dixon
Bogdanovitsch Dennis Hamer
Pritsch Robin Foster
Sylvia Rene Barlow
Proskovia Jean Grimshaw
Yvonne Birchall, Valerie Blundell, Christine Bradburn, Denise Bustard, Janet Ennion, Dorothy Holt, Dorothy Hutchinson, Jill Smith, Pauline Taylor, Lynda Wild
Julia Aldred, Barbara Anderson, Sandra Blyth, Susan Briggs, Norma Dootson, Pauline Entwistle, Sylvia Fishwick, Diane Gee, Millie Hackett, Virginia Haslam, Nora Holder, Edith Horrocks, Joyce Knowles, Brenda Orrell, Audrey Raistrick, Joyce Richardson, Christine Roberts, Norma Taylor, Irene Taylor, Karen Wild, Bessie Williams, Anne Wood, Henry Anderson, Gordon Bustard, Malcolm Digner, Roy Haslam, John Jowett, Ernest Pollitt, David Sutcliffe, Geoff Sutcliffe, Joseph P. Waites
Bolton Evening News Review
It would be impossible to come away feeling depressed from Walmsley AODS production of “The Merry Widow”. It had its first night in the school hall last night and continues for the rest of this week. It is a gay affair in the proper sense of the word. The music by Franz Lehar is particularly tuneful and many of the numbers have become so much a national habit that we whistle them without realising where they have come from. Lehar was also a skilled orchestrator and the Walmsley orchestra, under the baton of J. Arnold Thornton, their musical director, take full advantage of the fact. Musically, the show is a triumph with the lead singing by Valerie Walmsley (Anna) and Alec Greaves (Danilo) strongly presented. Both play delightfully, striking sparks from each other and making the most of the comedy. Arnold Knowles (the Baron) and Harry Lee (Njegus) are an excellent pair of comedians, William Livesey sings to great effect as Camille and is supported by Ann Haslam (Valencienne). Basic strength in most Walmsley shows is in the excellence of costumes and scenery. This show is no exception. Both are of an order far beyond what is customary in amateur shows. Producer Derek Taylor is to be congratulated on the resources both of manpower and creative talent, on which he can call. C.P.
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