Mr Cinders
1st - 8th October 1949
Production Officials
Director Mrs E. Cooper
Musical Director Mr H. Brown
Choreographer Emilie Unsworth
Sir George George Bland
Jim Jack Bateson
Lady Lancaster Edith Wood
Lumley Joseph Monk
Guy John E. Hacking
Henry Kemp William Garstang
Jill Mary Whittleston
Minerva Kemp Eileen Savage
Phyllis Patterson Joyce Thomson
Lucy Smith Margaret Fairclough
P.C. Merks Frank E. Woolley
Burrows William A. Livesey
Donna Lucia D’Esmeralda Margaret Catterall
Smith Albert Clowes
Hodgins Colin Hardman
E. Fairclough, B. Hibbert, B. Hornby, M. Jennings, M. Kay, A. McDowell, B. Thomson, D. Walsh
Ladies Of The Chorus
E. Campbell, M. Fairclough, D. Higham, M. Liptrott, F. Smith, F. Walsh, M. Walsh
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
D. Calvert, A. Clowes, J. Entwistle, J.K. Greg, C. Hardman, J. Holden, R. Kirby, W.A. Livesey, F.E. Woolley
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