Naughty Marietta
22nd - 29th April 1978
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Audrey H. McL. Raistrick
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Choreographer Sonia Joy Talbot
Marietta Joyce Foster
Captain Dick Warrington Bill Dixon
Lieut. Gov. Grandet Alec Greaves
Etienne Grandet Graham R. Edgington
Silas Slick Harry Lee
Lizette Aileen Bramwell
Rudolfo Bert Rothwell
Adah Sue Daley
Sir Harry Blake Bill White
Florenz Philip Lloyd
Fanchon Claire Clarkson
Nanette Anne Lloyd
Felice Diane Tustin
Graziella Glenys Collinson
Helen Bennett, Nicola Baldwin, A. Bamber, Claire Blackburn, Renee Cave, Carole Dunsbee, Thelma Durrans, Brenda Dixon, Sylvia Fishwick, Mary Eckersley, Doreen Griffin, Mary Greaves, Celia Harris, Julie Hoggarth, Millie Hackett, Dorothy Hilton, Mina Hall, Heather Kirby, Christine Kilner, Gillian Kirby, Adele Lawton, C. Lister, Katherine Loughran, Jill Laybourne, L. McGarry, Dorothy Pitfield, Joanne Richardson, Carol Staton, Barbara Smith, Jane Topping, Mary Topping, Barbara Tidy, Jeanne Thornley, Betty Towler, Mavis Trainor, Cathryn Unsworth, Janice Warburton, S. Watson, Dorothy Yardley, John Bellis, Derek Bramwell, Stanley Collinson, John Dixon, David Fairclough, Nicholas Gee, Roy Haslam, Ernest Pollitt, Matthew Raistrick, Keith Richardson, Geoff Sutcliffe, Michael Topping, Ivor Tavener, Michael Taylor, Tom Topping, W. Williams, Graham Yardley
Bolton Evening News Review
Walmsley Operatic Society is noted for prodigious feats with scenery. In the current production of “Naughty Marietta”, an old Victor Herbert musical, the standard is well maintained. Given the limitations of a small stage and a great many people, the world of New Orleans at the end of last century is well created. Even in 1910, when the operetta took the New York stage by storm, Marietta’s behaviour could hardly have been thought all that naughty. Loopy perhaps, for she concealed herself in a fountain where she continually sings a snatch of song in the belief that the man who completes the phrase would be her true love. This seems a somewhat slender foundation on which to base a marriage and strains the credibility a bit. But Joyce Foster plays her as a pert, provocative Miss (although of course she is really a Countess in disguise) and with a very flexible, true soprano, sings the Herbert music just as it ought to be sung. Her musically gifted lover (at long last) rejoices in the name of Dick Warrington, which in these parts takes a bit of the romance out of it. However, Bill Dixon is sufficiently heroic to overcome this initial setback and outwits the mild villainy of Etienne Grandet, played by Graham R. Edgington. If you can forget the plot long enough to listen to the music you are assured of an entertaining evening. The singing, under the direction of Jessie Whittaker, is of unusually high standard. Production is by Audrey Raistrick – her first full-length effort, and very creditable too – and the choreography has been devised by Sonia Joy Talbot. Charles Petry
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