Orpheus In The Underworld
26th October - 2nd November 1985
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Audrey H. McL. Raistrick
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Choreographer Vicki Spencer
Eurydice Irene Bowers
Calliope Norma Pollitt
Cupid Dorothy Yardley
Venus Aileen Bramwell
Diana Gillian Kirby
Juno Margaret Steel
Orpheus Alex Goodwin
Pluto Bill Steel
Jupiter Alec Greaves
Mars Adrian Pollitt
Mercury Andrew Turton
Bacchus Chris Cundell
Vulcan Wilf Lea
Styx Ernest Pollitt
Icarus David Raistrick
Rebecca Broadhurst, Carole Brooks, Helen Collier, Glenys Collinson, Sylvia Fishwick, Hazel Gray, Millie Hackett, Barbara Haslam, Heather Kirby, Mary Lea, Jean Maden, Barbara Martin, Lindsey Mitchell, Gay O’Donnell, Helen Popplewell, Mary Pycroft, Catherine Robbins, Fiona Steel, Julia Sutton, Christine Taylor, Jane Thorton, Betty Towler, Janice Warburton, Norma Wilcock, Ruth Wilcock, Elizabeth Williams, Janet Witt, Norman Bowers, Eric Cheetham, Stanley Collinson, Chris Cundell, Wilf Lea, David Raistrick, Ivor Tavener, Mike Taylor, John Wallace, Maurice Windsor, David Witt, Graham Yardley

Bolton Evening News Review
With tongue in cheek and rampant disregard for credibility or seriousness, Jacques Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld” is marvellous material for amateurs.

And the current production of the comic operetta by Walmsley Church AODS, Egerton, contains all the best aspects of the non-professional performance – fair levels of talent and bags of enthusiasm and commitment.

At the same time it manages to cover the cracks of the worst aspects…the occasional bum note, miscast part and less than ideal surroundings. Immediate plus points must go to those responsible for the scenery and lighting, which created a continuous and never flagging high standard backdrop for the manic action on stage.

The quality of the en masse singing in the first act made for an extremely successful show up to the interval. Lead roles were amply filled by Irene Bowers, as the wayward Eurydice; Bill Steel, a devilishly good Pluto and Alex Goodwin as the wronged husband Orpheus. The pace and momentum flagged afterwards, however.

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