Our Miss Gibbs
22nd, 26th & 29th October 1938
Production Officials
Director Mrs S. Cooper
Musical Director Mr H Brown
Lord Eynsford Joseph Monk
The Earl of St Ives Joseph Greenhalgh
Hughie Pierrepoint Ernest Threlfall
Timothy Gibbs William Garstang
Mr Toplady James Towler
Mr Beavis George Bland
Slithers Harry Trotman
A Taxi Cabby William Isherwood
Director General George Crook
Mary Gibbs Doris Hacking
Lady Betty Ellen Isherwood
The Duchess of Minster Mary Rushton
Madame Jeanne Alice Horrocks
Mrs Farquhar Margaret Catterall
Colleens of Irish village Edith Catterall, Hilda Horrocks, Hilda Price
M. Bland, H. Bowker, D. Bramwell, A. Gray, M. Kay, E. North, E. Schofield, D. Walsh
Ladies Of The Chorus
G. Walsh, E. Kay, M. Kay, E. Jewell, Margaret Rushton, M. Stones, M. Striffler, L. Tobutt, B. Walker, M. Warburton, E. Wood, K. Workman
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
H. Clowes, T. Dover, R. Entwistle, H. Horrocks, C. Kay, S. Widdowson, J. Wood
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