Salad Days
19th, 22nd - 26th April 1986
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Joyce Richardson
Musical Director Jessie Whittaker
Assistant Musical Director Frank Fielding
Choreographer Glenys Collinson
The Tramp Wilf Lea
Jane Fiona Steel
Timothy Ben Lea
Timothy’s mother Margaret Steel
Timothy’s father Alex Goodwin
Aunt Prue Claire Clarkson
Lady Raeburn Audrey H. McL. Raistrick
Heloise Gay O’Donnell
Assistant Barbara Haslam
Manicurist Mary Pycroft
P.C. Boot Harry Lee
Rowena Betty Towler
The Bishop David Witt
Troppo/Slave Andrew Turton
Fosdyke/Tom Smith Mike Taylor
Sir Clamsby Williams Stan Collinson
Inspector Bill Steel
Nigel Adrian Pollitt
Manager Stan Collinson
Pianist/Electrode David Raistrick
Fiona Gillian Pollitt
Waitress Aileen Bramwell
Arms Dancers Hazel Gray, Norman Bowers
Augustine Williams Bill Steel
Asphinxia Sylvia Fishwick
Pressmen Mike Taylor, Graham Yardley
Ladies Norma Dootson, Diane Tustin, Elizabeth Williams
Ambrose Keith Richardson
Marguerite Helen Popplewell
Anthea Diane Tustin
Uncle Zed Alec Greaves
Carole Brooks, Tim Collinson, Chris Gee, Adrienne Green, Jackie Gritt, Mary Lea, Jean Maden, Julia Sutton, Jane Thornton, Susan Tong, Norma Wilcock, Ruth Wilcock, Nicola Wesley, Janet Witt, Dorothy Yardley

Bolton Evening News Review
It would be wrong to describe Salad Days as anything else but the nearly perfect musical comedy – “nearly” only to leave room for perfection when it does occur. It is charming, touching, sentimental, melodious, lively and dreamy, but above all it celebrates the joy of youth.

Walmsley Operatic Society, which is currently presenting it in the Church Hall, meet the challenge with enthusiasm and the result is an exuberant evening’s entertainment which sends it’s audience home, tapping its feet and singing – which is the purpose of musical comedies anyway.

There is some particularly good comedy in this show. Policemen are always comic, especially in those old-fashioned helmets and Harry Lee as PC Boot and Bill Steel as the Inspector are a riot of fun.

Civil servants, bishops and other pillars of the establishment are gently debunked and it is difficult not to fall in love with the piano. Wilf Lea as the Tramp, Fiona Steel as Jane and Ben Lea as Timothy weave a web of romance as insubstantial as gossamer.

Joyce Richardson is the producer.

Charles Petry
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