Nomination - Best Set (Bolton Evening News)
6th - 11th November 2000
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Nora Howcroft
Musical Director Sarah Day
Choreographer Karen Lunt
Ebeneezer Scrooge Roy Iddon
Jacob Marley Michael Taylor
Bob Cratchit David Witt
Ghost of Christmas Past Teresa Neary
Ghost of Christmas Present Ernest Dawson
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come Harry Lee
Harry/Young Scrooge David Wilson
Isabel/Helen Adrienne Wormald
Ethel Cratchit Vicki Wilson
Tiny Tim Jamie Fletcher
Kathy Cratchit Emma Watton
Mr Fezziwig Paul Brennan
Mrs Fezziwig Kathy Turton
Wine Merchant Caroline Burke
Mr Carstairs Ron Finney
Hugo Hearty David Watson
Jocelyn Jollygood Bill Sharples
Bissett the Butcher Don Fairclough
Mrs Dilber Ann Coleman
Miss Dilber Jane Bickerstaffe
Bess Joyce Walters
Beggar Woman Janet Witt
Punch and Judy Man Peter Simpson
Tom Jenkins Andrew Turton
School Teacher Ron Finney
Jen Zoe Pollitt
Ebby Daniel Whitehead
Dick Wilkins John Whitehead
Peter Cratchit Desmond O'Malley
Martha Cratchit Fay Knowles
Belinda Cratchit Chloe Bentham
Plum Pudding Seller Lesley Watson
Topper Paul Duckworth
Mary Janet Holloway
Boy with sled Thomas Smith
Mr Pringle Keith Richardson
Mrs Pringle Irene Bowers
Sarah Fairclough, Helen Pycroft, Laura Weston, Natasha Wilkinson
Carole Brooks, Jill Marsden, Barbara Martin, Elizabeth Pyroft, Karen Evans
Clare Brennan, Claire Clarkson, Barry Cragg, Lucy Finney, Hazel Gray, Barbara Haslam, Doreen Healey, Cecilia Keefe, Rita Margiotta, Yvonne Neary, Ruth Prescott, Mary Pycroft, Maria Sharrocks, Janet Smith
  • Scrooge and Bob Cratchit Scrooge and Bob Cratchit
  • Tiny Tim, Kathy and Bob Cratchit in the town Tiny Tim, Kathy and Bob Cratchit in the town
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Jocelyn Jollygood and Hugo Hearty Jocelyn Jollygood and Hugo Hearty
  • Bob with Bess Bob with Bess
  • Jacob Marley Jacob Marley
  • Schoolteacher and children Schoolteacher and children
  • Ebby Ebby
  • The Fezziwigs at their party The Fezziwigs at their party
  • Dick Wilkins, Young Scrooge and Mr Fezziwig Dick Wilkins, Young Scrooge and Mr Fezziwig
  • Isabel and Young Scrooge Isabel and Young Scrooge
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past visits Scrooge The Ghost of Christmas Past visits Scrooge
  • The Cratchit family The Cratchit family
  • Tiny Tim and the Cratchits Tiny Tim and the Cratchits
  • The Ghost of Christmas Present The Ghost of Christmas Present
  • The Toys The Toys
  • Tom Jenkins and "Thank You Very Much" Tom Jenkins and "Thank You Very Much"
  • The Company The Company

  • Bolton Evening News Review
  • NODA North West News Review
Christmas has come early to Egerton, where a stunning production of Leslie Bricusse's Scrooge is a sell-out. Audiences must have heard on the grapevine that this show has something for everyone. Its in turn funny and sad, and Director Nora Howcroft succeeds in keeping a large cast moving along swiftly and surely. She's obviously worked the performers hard and its paid off. This is an ambitious show to tackle, and only a society of Walmsley's standing could attempt it and succeed so admirably.

Musical Director Sarah Day helps to lift the show into top gear, and Choreographer Karen Lunt has devised routines which work well. The staging is outstanding. From the moment the curtain opens to show a giant Christmas card, the results are excellent. The special effects are a delight.

Roy Iddon is a splendid Scrooge, changing from miser to philanthropist in style. And his singing is as good as his acting. The ghostly apparitions make their presence felt, particularly Ernest Dawson as the jovial Ghost of Christmas Present. Adrienne Wormald charmingly doubles as Isabel and Helen, and is well matched by David Wilson as Harry and Young Scrooge. David Witt is a wholely believable Bob Cratchit, and young Jamie Fletcher a moving Tiny Tim.

Costumes are exceptionally good - I was particularly taken by the sumptuous robes of Christmas Present. Outstanding among the routines is Thank You Very Much, with an energetic Andrew Turton, and December the 25th with Kathy Turton and Paul Brennan as the Fezziwigs. A great show!

Doreen Crowther
An early start to the festive season was the society's offering with this Leslie Bricusse version of the ever popular Charles Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol". With the "special effects" being an integral and necessary part of the production this is not the easiest of shows to present and was one area with which the society coped very well. Specialised make-up was also essential for several members of the cast and again the society was equal to the task.

Roy Iddon took on the monumental part of Scrooge and, despite the odd hiccup, gave a proficient performance. His curmudgeonly attitude quickly changed to the jolly philanthropist after his brushes with Marley and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Michael Taylor made an excellent cobweb bedecked Marley with good make up and a nice line in levitation. The ghosts were played by Teresa Neary (Christmas Past), Harry Lee (Christmas yet to Come) and Ernest Dawson as the jocular and sumptuously costumed Ghost of Christmas Present.

The Cratchit family were well represented by David Witt who was exemplary as the downtrodden Bob Cratchit and Vicki Wilson as his wife Ethel. The children were played by Fay Knowles (Martha), Chloe Bentham (Belinda), Emma Walton (Kath) and Jamie Fletcher as Tiny Tim. Adrienne Wormald looked completely at ease with the double roles of Isabel and Helen and was suitably matched by David Wilson as Young Scrooge and Scrooge's nephew.

Chorus numbers were generally quite good with "December the 25th", led by the effervescent Fezziwigs played by Kathy Turton and Paul Brennen, and "Thank you very much", led by an energetic Tom Jenkins played by Andrew Turton, being outstanding.

Costumes were colourful and of the correct period and lighting, by Norman Bowers. was effective and changed as the mood decreed. The production team of Nora Howcroft (Director), Karen Lunt (Choreographer) and Sarah Day (Musical Director) had obviously worked the society hard which presented the capacity audience with a very entertaining show.

A Long service award of a 10 year medal was presented to Evonne Neary along with 30 year bars to Betty Towler and Harry Lee after the show.

Glyn Neary

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