The Sound Of Music
Nomination - Special Award for Scenery (Bolton Evening News)
9th - 14th November 1998
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Irene Bowers
Musical Director David Perks
Choreographer Ros Binge
Maria Adrienne Wormald
Captain Von Trapp Graham R Edgington
Max Detweiler Andrew Turton
Elsa Schraeder Vicki Wilson
Mother Abbess Renee Easterbrook
Rolf James R Edgington
Liesl Katy Atty
Sister Margaretta Kathy Turton
Sister Sophia Jane Bickerstaffe
Sister Berthe Christine Catherall
Friedrich Chris Hayes
Louisa Elizabeth Pycroft
Kurt Chris Bentley
Brigitta Alexandra Hardman
Marta Helen Pycroft
Gretl Charlotte Smith
Franz Paul J Duckworth
Frau Schmidt Jean Maden
Ursula Jenny Brindle
Herr Zeller Roger Higginbottom
Baron Elberfeld David M Raistrick
A Postulant Katie Gannon
Admiral Norman Bowers
First Soloist Norma Wilcock
Trio Louise Orsman, Norma Dootson, Katie Gannon
Kay Brannon, Joyce Walters, Kathleen, Holland, Rita Margiotta, Cecilia Keefe, Sylvia Fishwick, Ann Coleman, Linda Howarth, Mary Pycroft
Yvonne Neary, David Wilson, Carole Brooks, Michael Taylor, Barry Cragg, Hazel Gray, Timothy West, Barbara Martin, Glenys Collinson, Ruth Prescott, Roy Iddon, Holly Binge
  • Maria and the Von Trapp children Maria and the Von Trapp children
  • The Nuns The Nuns
  • Maria "The Sound of Music" Maria "The Sound of Music"
  • Mother Abbess and Maria "Climb Every Mountain" Mother Abbess and Maria "Climb Every Mountain"
  • The Nuns "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" The Nuns "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria"
  • Captain Von Trapp and Elsa Schraeder Captain Von Trapp and Elsa Schraeder
  • Maria meets the children Maria meets the children
  • Liesl and Rolf "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" Liesl and Rolf "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"
  • Max Detweiler, The Captain, Franz and Elsa Max Detweiler, The Captain, Franz and Elsa
  • Maria and the children "My Favourite Things" Maria and the children "My Favourite Things"
  • Maria, The Captain and the children "Do-Re-Mi" Maria, The Captain and the children "Do-Re-Mi"
  • Brigitta Brigitta
  • Maria returns to the children Maria returns to the children
  • Friedrich and Kurt Friedrich and Kurt
  • Max, The Admiral, Herr Zeller and Captain Von Trapp Max, The Admiral, Herr Zeller and Captain Von Trapp
  • The Wedding The Wedding
  • The Concert The Concert

  • Bolton Evening News Review
  • NODA North West News Review
Walmsley Church AODS fully deserved their sell-out for the hugely popular Sound of Music, which they staged last week.

A talented cast, headed by Adrienne Wormald (Maria) and Graham R Edgington (Captain Von Trapp), did full justice to such well loved songs as Do-Re-Mi, My Favourite Things and Edelweiss. The night I saw the show there was particularly warm applause for Renee Easterbrook (Mother Abbess), who movingly sang Climb Every Mountain. James R Edgington (Rolf) and Katy Atty (Liesl) were an attractive pair in their duet, Sixteen Going On Seventeen. Andrew Turton made the most of the comedy as Max Detweiler, and Vicki Wilson was suitably sophisticated as Elsa Schraeder.

The society's stage staff were on top form with some stunning sets, which included the Nonnberg Abbey, the mountainside, Maria's bedroom and the Von Trapp living room. There are few societies which achieve and maintain such high staging standards. Congratulations to Director Irene Bowers for bringing a fresh approach to this much-loved musical
It appears that this show still holds a place in the hearts of the public judging by the packed auditorium throughout the week. This was a good production by director Irene Bowers with solid orchestral backing under musical director David Perks and the usual high standard of sets from the backstage team under stage manager Wyn Dawson.

The "Morning Hymn", "Dixit Dominus" and "Alleluia" by the Nuns led by Sister Margaretta (Kathy Turton), Sister Sophia (Jane Bickerstaffe) and Sister Berthe (Christine Catherall) were all beautifully sung setting the tone for the whole production.

This sombre opening was well contrasted with the entrance of Maria. Adrienne Wormald (Maria) produced an excellent performance. Her diction, vocal clarity. charming personality and her rapport with the children captivated the audience. Graham R Edgington was convincing as the authoritarian Von Trapp whilst also managing to soften his attitude towards his family and Maria later in the proceedings.

Vicki Wilson and Andrew Turton had the difficult supporting roles of Elsa Schraeder and Max Detweiler. They held the stage well, sang with confidence and the parts were generally well played. Max appeared more the "jolly uncle - rather than the usual urbane character whilst Elsa lacked a little of the haughty attitude of the role. Katy Atty (Liesl), Chris Haves (Friedrich), Elizabeth Pycroft (Louisa), Chris Bentley (Kurt), Alexandra Hardman (Brigitta), Helen Pycroft (Marta) and Charlotte Smith (Gretl) were appealing as the Von Trapp children working well together whilst James R Edgington, perhaps a little too young for the part of Rolf, did quite well without completely capturing the arrogance of the Hitler youth. Renee Easterbrook had the right balance between authority and compassion for the role of the Mother Abbess and used her fine, powerful voice to full effect with a very moving "Climb Every Mountain".

With the exception of the final scene, which somehow lacked the drama and tension of the family's bid for freedom, this was a highly entertaining production, thoroughly enjoyed by the capacity audience.

Glyn Neary

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