The Student Prince
25th October - 1st November 1958
Production Officials
Director Doris Hacking and Gladys McDonald
Musical Director J. Arnold Thornton
Lackeys D. Armitage, W. Duxbury, H. Nightingale, J. Wray
Von Mark Michael Greenhalgh
Dr. Engel Ernest Pollitt
Prince Karl Franz William A. Livesey
Ruder William Garstang
Gretchen Susan C. Bellis
Toni Thomas Dover
Detlef John E. Hacking
Lucas George Crook
Von Asterberg John Walton
Kathie Norma Hardy
Lutz Barry Gadsden
Hubert Graham Kay
Grand Duchess Anastasia Joyce Thomson
Princess Margaret Ruth Garstang
Captain Tarnitz Michael T. Haslam
Countess Leydon Edith Howarth
Baron Arnheim Peter Hudson
E. Adshead, L. Bland, V. Cunliffe, H. Harrison, L. Holt, E. Ramsden, P. Riley, A. Seddon, E. Stewart, B. Thomson
Ladies Of The Chorus
C. Bellis, C. Catherall, C. Crompton, M. Crompton, E. Crow, G.A. Elliott, K. Gibson, E. Howarth, H. Hulme, B. Longworth,  A. MacDowall, B. Monk, M. Skuce, E. Smalley, E. Williams, H. Wood
Gentlemen Of The Chorus
D. Armitage, H. Carter, T. Dover, W. Duxbury, J.W. Eva, W. Garstang, M. Haslam, P. Hudson, W. Kay, H. Nightingale, J. Warburton, J. Wray
Bolton Evening News Review
This week members of the Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society are presenting the evergreen musical “The Student Prince”. Though the book may be on the old fashioned side, given the right singers, this operetta is certainly worthy of revival, while Sigmund Romberg’s music has great charm and lightness. It was unfortunate that the singers’ voices were repeatedly drowned by the boisterous playing of the orchestra, and unless one is very familiar with the lyrics, many of them become extremely difficult to hear. This apart, there is some good chorus work and graceful dancing, while the costumes and scenery are everything one expects of a society which has been presenting musical shows since 1929. The show is produced under the direction of Doris Hacking, and the dancers have been trained by Gladys McDonald. Mrs. Hacking has been connected with the society actively for the past 30 years and, until his death two years ago, her husband, Mr. John Hacking, was the musical director. His place as musical director has been taken by Mr. J. Arnold Thornton. I was particularly impressed by the vivacious acting and delightful singing of Norma Hardy as Kathy. Miss Hardy was, at one time, a professional singer and has played with the Farnworth A.O.S. and also with the Radcliffe A.O.S. When the leading lady of a Morecambe amateur society fell ill five hours before the show as due to go on, Miss Hardy undertook the leading role in the musical “Zip Goes a Million”. Playing his first principal part with the Society is William Livesey in the title role. His voice is pleasing and he is helped enormously by having such an experienced actress playing opposite him. I feel sure that when he has learned to relax and loses his initial nervousness he will become a real asset to the Society. Ernest Pollitt gives a sincere portrayal of the Prince’s old tutor, Dr. Engel, and Ruth Garstang makes a very pretty and charming Princess Margaret. The humour throughout is slight, but Barry Gadsden and Graham Kay do their utmost to keep the audience amused in their roles as Lutz and Hubert. They are helped by Susan Bellis (Gretchen). John E. Hacking gives a relaxed performance as Detlef and leads the students into the vigorous “Drinking Song” which is perhaps the best number of the evening. The “dream” number in Act III, “What Memories, Sweet Rose”, was also well presented. Other main roles are competently played by Michael Greenhalgh, William Garstang, Thomas Dover, Joyce Thomson and Michael Haslam.
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