Sweet Charity
27th October - 3rd November 1984
Photographs by John Tustin
Production Officials
Director Audrey H. McL. Raistrick
Musical Director Frank D. Fielding
Choreographer Graham R. Edgington
Charity Irene Bowers
Helene Jennifer M. Edgington
Nickie Nora Howcroft
Carmen Glenys Collinson
Herman Stan Collinson
Marvin Graham R. Edgington
Ursala Janice Warburton
Vidal Don Howcroft
Manfred Alex Goodwin
Oscar Mike Taylor
Daddy Brubeck Alec Greaves
Assistants Wilf Lea, Andrew Turton
Rosie Ann Entwistle
Dance Hall Hostesses
Aileen Bramwell, Hazel Gray, Zoe Dalton, Vicky Spencer, Dorothy Yardley
Helen Bennett, Rebecca Broadhead, Claire Clarkson, Norma Dootson, Renee Easterbrook, Sylvia Fishwick, Barbara Haslam, Heather Kirby, Mary Lea, Glenys Poole, Christine Taylor, Jane Thornton, Betty Towler, Diane Tustin, Ruth Wilcock, Norman Bowers, Ben Lea, David Raistrick, Keith Richardson, Bert Rothwell, Graham Yardley

Bolton Evening News Review
It may not be a charity production, but there is certainly value for money for patrons of the Walmsley AODS latest show.

The company's hectic three-hour production of "Sweet Charity" involves no less than 19 scene changes and is equally swift in mood change from comedy to tragedy.

The scenery changes were made possible by the ingenious use of a revolving stage built by a dedicated stage staff for a previous production.

The pace of the production was equally well organised and kept up by a well chosen cast.

The general public may be familiar with the screen version of "Sweet Charity" starring Shirley Maclaine, but the Walmsley stage production - the first in the Bolton area since the musical's introduction to Broadway 20 years ago - is well worth a visit.

The first night audience on Saturday enjoyed an action-packed show, liberally sprinkled with such well-known numbers as "Big Spender", "If My Friends Could see Me Now" and "Rhythm Of Life".

But the Walmsley group added its own personal touch which was thoroughly enjoyable. Charity (Irene Bowers) displayed a particular talent for comedy, backed by Helene (Jennifer Edgington) and Nickie (Nora Howcroft).

Good performances were also put in by very convincing dance hall hostesses! This particular musical is heavily weighted as far as numbers are concerned by the ladies, but the leading men managed to hold the balance musically speaking, thanks to Oscar (Mike Taylor), Vidal (Don Howcroft) and Herman (Stan Collinson).

Altogether a most enjoyable production, which continues from tonight until Saturday at Walmsley Church.

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