Bugsy Malone
Runner Up - Best Youth Production ( BATS)
8th - 11th July 2009
The Bolton News Review
Say there, you ever see that Bugsy Malone?
He’s the wiseguy fixer who helps get Fat Sam outta one smart jam with Dandy Dan’s gang.

And he’s the fast-talking title character in one smart musical set in 1920’s prohibition-era New York. Though forget Al Capone — this feelgood show is bursting with delightful comic touch, the most wonderfully catchy tunes and a cute factor that could make Amanda Holden weep for a month of Sundays. If you’re not familiar with Bugsy Malone then I’d recommend you head to the Parish Hall Theatre to see the Walmsley youngsters’ crowd-pleasing production. It’s a tough one to carry off — but carry it off they do, thanks to all round enthusiasm and some standout performances from the cast.

Nathan Rubins in the title role exudes all the charm his fast talking, street wise character demands. He’s ably matched by leading ladies Melissa Lim (Blousey Brown) and Rhiannon Woods, as sassy showgirl Tallulah. Gangsters Jack Corrigan (Fat Sam) and Josh Horn (Dandy Dan) more than handle their fast-paced, snappy dialogue while there are show-stealing moments from Lauryn Graham (Fizzy), Thomas Stanford (Captain Smolsky) and a perfectly cast Jack Barker as Fat Sam’s knuckleheaded henchman, Knuckles.

Michael Short
Production Officials
Director Hazel Bumby
Musical Director David Wall
Choreographer Lara Crombie
Bugsy Malone Nathan Rubins
Blousey Brown Melissa Lim
Dandy Dan Josh Horn
Fat Sam Jack Corrigan
Tallulah Rhiannon Woods
Leroy Smith Alice Finn
Cagey Joe Hannah Woods
Captain Smolsky Thomas Stanford
Lt O'Dreary Connor Walker-Collinson
Fizzy Lauryn Graham
Louella Paloma Shakouri/Lucy Shaw
Lena Morelli Laura Fletcher
Roxy Robinson/Looney Bergonzi Georgia Barker
Undertakers Jess Holt & Rebecca Williams
Cellist/Violinist/Singer Ceridwen Darroch-Bartley
Flash Frankie/Oscar De Velt Emily Davies
Barber Naomi Herd
Pop Becker/Joe/Marbini Olivia Sweeney
Radio Announcer Hazel Bumby
Waitress Emily Ashworth
English Reporter/Babyface Hannah Feakin
French Reporter Alex Close
Spanish Reporter Laura Cunliffe
Butler Stephen Lim
Paper Girl Bethany Bentham
Dandy Dan's Driver Jade Crook
Seymour Scoop Hannah Clarkson
Shady Mike Bailey
Pickett Helen McGrath
Policemen Joe McNeil, Bethany McNeil
Fat Sam's Gang
Knuckles Jack Barker
Angelo Ella Shorten
Louis Jess Holt
Snake Eyes Ella Tebay
Ritzy Rebecca Williams
Dandy Dan's Gang
Bronx Charlie Victoria Morris
Laughing Boy Emily Williams
Doodles Hannah Needham
Shoulders Alex Close
Yonkers Harriet Bradburn
Fat Sam's Girls
Bangles Bethany Leigh
Dotty Zara Horn
Tilly Holly Lee Hatzer
Loretta Laura Cunliffe
Velma Lorna Jackson
Bugsy Singers Hannah Clarkson, Anna Tomkinson, Lucy Shaw
Boxers, Down and Outs and Others
Bethany Bentham, Laura Fletcher, Ella Shorten, Ella Tebay, Rebecca Williams, Jessica Holt, Hannah Needham, Joe McNeil, Bethany McNeil, Millie Cumberbatch

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