28th - 30th June 2012
The Bolton News Review
This lively musical involves the behaviour - and eventual comeuppance - of a gang of yobs, led by the versatile Johnny McGowan as Lugger, who have intentions to "duff up" the more respectable youths rehearsing for the show we are watching.

The script is full of witty lines, as are the songs, which are not familiar but catchy, especially the finale song "Gel". James Tibbitts and Alice Higginbottom as the police officers give us a comic gem of a song with "The Force is With Us", while Zara Horn as Emily tugs at our heart strings with her lovely voice.

The love interest is supplied confidently by Jake Long and Bethany Bentham as Michael and Lucy, and there are great comic cameos from Michael Baines as Mr Weng, the excellent Jess Barnett as Mrs Fletcher/Mrs Reed, and Zoe Pollitt as director Andrew Morton. Hannah Feakin also gives us a very convincing professor, but this is a real team effort.
Costumes are excellent; Boadicea appears in an impressive chariot complete with horses, and the cast work really hard in the well-choreographed dance routines.

The whole cast are clearly having fun, as do the appreciative audience. Director Helen McGrath must be extremely proud of her achievements with this talented young cast.

Peter Haslam
Production Officials
Director Helen McGrath
Choreographer Tricia Shorten
Michael Jake Long
Lucy Bethany Bentham
Emily Zara Horn
WPC Alice Higginbottom
PC James Tibbitts
Narrator Holly Errington
Nick Emily Siddal
Ben Katie Ball
Will Nicole Rabbitt
Beth Lynsey Templeman
Joe Jonathon Wright
Molly Lucy Cartwright
Matt Olivia Murphy
Harry Jenson Kay
Ollie Jasmine Kinsella
Jamie Megan Walker Higgins
Rebecca Emma Smith
Sarah Jade Crook
Katie Shauna Mason
Ellie Isobel Ellis
Lugger Johnny McGowan
Squid Anna Tomkinson
Bootlick Jemima Kinsella
Professor Hannah Feakin
Laptop Connor Walker Collinson
Armlock Holly Rimmer
Buzzer Emily Ashworth
Mary Eve Peyton
Harriet Emily Siddal
Jen Holly Errington
Small child Olivia Murphy
Small child Jenson Kay
Leader Jade Crook
Boadicea Katie Ball
Andrew Morton Zoe Pollitt
Sue Lizzie Sharrocks
Mrs Fletcher Jess Barnett
Mrs Reed Jess Barnett
Mr Weng Michael Baines
Johnny McGowan, Hannah Feakin, Lynsey Templeman, Lucy Cartwright

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