Little Shop Of Horrors
7th - 10th July 2010
The Bolton News Review
YOUNG performers took the stage and gave an energetic performance of rock musical Little Shop of Horrors to a welcoming audience.
There were whoops and giggles as Walmsley Church AODS AKT told the tale of the hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood. It is a show that many theatre lovers know well but it always manages to make people laugh whilst sending a shiver down the spine of those who watch it.
An audience at Parish Hall Theatre, Christ Church, Walmsley, were thrilled with Wednesday night’s opening performance which showcased some of the company’s fresh young talent. Immediately, heads were bobbing and feet were tapping (mine included) as the 30-plus cast burst onto the stage for musical opener, “Little Shop of Horrors”.
Next came “Skid Row (Downtown)”, which had me humming along and highlighted the powerful voice of 16-year-old Alex Close, playing the lead female role of Audrey. As well as her singing voice, which held the stage, Alex’s American accent was convincing and added to the authenticity of the character.
Josh Horn, also aged 16, plays the lead male role of Seymour, the hopeless shop keeper, desperately in love with Audrey and keen to rescue her from the violent clutches of her biker boyfriend, dentist Orin (Emily Davis).
Youngsters Zara Horn, Ella Tebay, Hannah Clarkson, Hannah Feakin, Bethany Leigh, Bethany Bentham play “The Ronnettes”, who keep the pace of the production with their endearing singing and dancing. Shop owner Mr Mushnik is played superbly by Alice Finn who gets the most laughs for her comedy portrayal of the character, her American accent and her movements on the stage. Connor Walker Collinson puts on a comedy accent and strong singing voice to play the blood-sucking plant.
The young stars are dedicated to their roles, rehearsing twice a week in the run up to the annual show whilst studying for school exams. A must see for all the family. Sarah Poole
Production Officials
Director Helen McGrath
Musical Director David Wall
Choreographer Tricia Shorten
Seymour Josh Horn
Audrey Alex Close
Mr Mushnik Alice Finn
Orin (The Dentist) Emily Davies
The Plant Connor Walker Collinson
The Ronnettes:  
  Crystal Zara Horn
  Ronnette Ella Tebay
  Chiffon Hannah Clarkson
  Blossom Hannah Feakin
  Shirelle Bethany Leigh
  Chantelle Bethany Bentham
Skip Snip Anna Tomkinson
Mrs Luce Melissa Lim
Mr Bernstein Hannah Woods
Pat Martin Hannah Needham
Voice of God Lorna Jackson
Seymour II Matthew Riches
Audrey III Millie Cumberbatch
Children Jade Crook, Isobel Ellis, Emma Higginbottom
Customers in the shop Katie Nolan, Nathan Rubins, Emily Ashworth, Lorna Jackson, Lynsey Templeman, Naomi Herd, Jess Holt, Millie Cumberbatch
China Man Emma Smith
Radio Announcer Kellie Branagan
Ventriloquist Jasmine Kinsella
Ventriloquist's Dummy Jemima Kinsella
Ballet Dancer Hannah Woods
Musician Emily Van Hecke
Dental Nurse Ceridwen Darroch Bartley
Dental Patients Kellie Branagan, Matthew Riches, Melissa Lim
Emily Ashworth, Ceridwen Darroch Bartley, Kellie Branagan, Jade Crook, Millie Cumberbatch, Isobel Ellis, Emily Van Hecke, Emma Higginbottom, Naomi Herd, Jess Holt, Lorna Jackson, Jasmine Kinsella, Jemima Kinsella, Melissa Lim, Hannah Needham, Katie Nolan, Matthew Riches, Nathan Rubins, Emma Smith, Lynsey Templeman, Anna Tomkinson, Hannah Woods

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