Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies
Nomination - Best Junior Production (BATS)
7th - 9th June 2018
BATS Review
The familiar tale of Robin Hood is brought to life by an energetic and enthusiastic cast. Billed as Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies, the name suggests that this is a modern version and as such comes with many a twist and turn ranging from 2 bungling robbers to a bunch of the unlikeliest merry men you can imagine.

As the regular inhabitants of Sherwood Forest are introduced, it is evident that director Ruth Kay has worked hard with this cast in order to bring out the best in them and her hard work had paid off. This was a slick production full of fun and laughter and the cast and audience alike had a great time. Accompaniment was provided by John Currid, Kieran Mcloughlin and Ruth Kay as the "Jonny and the Irregulars Band".

Narrating us through the piece, Libby Hill gave a confident portrayal as Willamina Wigglestick. Charlie McGreavy leads with style as Robin and is ably assisted by Maid Marion which Emily Westhead makes her own as she aims to bring a sense of normality to proceedings.

Callum McLoughlin as Nursie Gussett gains many a laugh as his costume depicts that of any traditional pantomime dame and as King John, Abbie Heyes leads with style in a strong performance throughout.

The Merry Men were dressed in suitable garb, complete with the obligatory tights. Libby Hill also played both Big and Little John and did so magnificently, ensuring both characters were portrayed in true comedic style. Friar Tuck, (Stephanie Stone), Much Muscles (Jameson John Kay) and Alan A Dale (Avia May Robinson) played their roles well and Holly Reevell as Dancing Dave delighted with her infectious smile and great stage presence that presented a very watchable performance. Billy Currid was on top form as Will Scarlett in his vain task to shoot an arrow, much to the amusement of all involved.

Special mention must go to Jensen Kay as he Sherriff of Nottingham. An excellent performance that was not too over the top, but just right in terms of his delivery, expression and stage discipline.

Cameo performances from Rachel Greenhalgh as Gavina Gutwrencher and Sam Silverstone as Ghengis were impressive as were the chorus of Skunks, Guards, and Villagers (including Georgia Downs, Harriot Crompton, Lucas Hogdson-Wale) who all ensured the story was told true to form.

Completing this cast, were Jack Owens as Grabbit and Joshua Ellis as Bolt – both played their parts to perfection and were funny throughout - really good performances that went down a treat.

All in all, this was a great team effort from everyone involved and it came across that not only were they performing, they were enjoying themselves too.

Paul Cohen
Production Officials
Director Ruth Kay
Accompaniment Johnny and the Irregulars (John Currid, Kieran McLoughlin, Ruth Kay)
Robin Charlie McGreavy
Maid Marion Emily Westhead
Willamina Wigglestick/Little John/Big John Libby Hill
Nursie Gussett Callum McLoughlin
King John Abbie Heyes
Friar Tuck Stephanie Stone
Much Muscles Jameson John Kay
Alan a Dale Avia May Robinson
Dancing Dave Holly Reevell
Will Scarlett Billy Currid
Sheriff of Nottingham Jensen Kay
Gavina Gutwrencher Rachel Greenhalgh
Ghengis Sam Silverstone
Grabbit Jack Owens
Bolt Joshua Ellis
Skunks, Guards & Villagers
Georgia Downs, Harriot Crompton, Lucas Hodgson-Wale

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